Memories to Legacy


Sometimes it’s nothing new. I’ve participated in several online healthy living classes over the years and been guided through information about the usual food and exercise choices.  Much of it has gone in one ear and out the other. I keep listening for a different perspective, for something I haven’t heard before

This time, the video facilitator began talking about various body parts and asked us to mention where we were feeling pain or stiffness. Several typed in back pain, both upper and lower. I was in that camp, having done a bit too much leaning over to pick spinach, kale, and chard from our backyard veggie garden. My lower back was feeling it and my shoulders were scrunched up to my ears in an effort to brace against the discomfort!

Next she reminded us of the brilliant wisdom within our spine, with its three curves, vertebrae and discs, ligaments and muscles. She suggested we imagine that we have a mattress perfectly supporting us. To begin to feel the gentle hug of a “perfectly supportive” mattress around the length of our spine, even when standing and going through our day. OK, I thought, I’m game. Anything for a little relief.

Although I could see that the words spoken next were being mouthed by the instructor as if the spine was talking to us, it seemed that the message for me was from God’s heart to mine…

“I am designed to support you, to be your Support. You can trust Me, not the things out there. I’m here with you. I am the Wisdom you require. Rest into Me.

Let go of the worry. You don’t have to tell yourself where or how to brace, to protect yourself from the unknown. Just feel the hug of support and know that no matter what, there it is. There I am.

Rest into My gravity. Let go…let go…let go. Allow a deeper and deeper feeling of space within your discs and between each vertebrae.

When you brace against the challenges of life and lift up your shoulders, there’s no space for Me. Let Me be your flexible Support as things of life happen all around you.”

The message came through clearly, even though I wasn’t expecting it to come in that environment, from that source or with those words. God just met me where I was at that time and used the somewhat wacky scenario of a speaking spine to reach me.

That God-connected Moment challenged me to relinquish some things I’ve been holding onto. Even seemingly “good” things, like “just trying to help” others in ways I figure must be best.

To make room for Him to provide the “perfect support” I require to meander through the challenges of life. To let go of the bracing I’ve been doing, trying to keep it all together on my own. To hand it over to Him.

As I do, I’m betting that my back and other body parts will thank me for releasing what has become a pattern of tension. Maybe I’ll even have a more restful night’s sleep.

ZZZ’s, here I come!


***What have you been holding onto that you could relinquish?

***What are your beliefs about what’s your responsibility and what’s God’s?

I’m challenging you to allow more space for Him to work within your life, and to let me know if you notice your body relaxing more and more.

If you’d like to chat about how tuning into your body can lead you into more God-connected Moments, give me a call today!



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