Memories to Legacy


Sometimes it’s the simplest thing that can have the most impact on my heart.

I placed 5 week old grandson Lincoln in his swing and play crib while I prepared his bottle. At first, he wasn’t thrilled with waiting for the yumminess that was on its way to him in 15 seconds.

Cries rang out, but not for long.

Four and a half year old big brother Oliver to the rescue. He knew just what to do and say.


“Hi Lincoln. It’s me, Oliver.

I’m right here.

Want your paci? Nope, not really. That’s ok.

I know. Let’s turn on the evaporate (Oliver’s version of the word vibration).

There, that’s good.

Still got some crying to do?

Here, I’ll sing to you.

Everything’s gonna be alright. Everything’s gonna be just fine. We got each other. Hug time!

Yep, knew that would do it!

Look, Gramma. Lincoln’s asleep and it sounds like he’s purring…oh wait, that’s the evaporate!”


As I listened to and watched that brief exchange of love between an older brother and a newborn, it was as if God was speaking directly to me. Addressing some low level anxiety and worry that I had been carrying around instead of releasing it to Him…until then.

“Hi Katie. It’s Me, God.

I’m right here.

Want your sour cream and onion chips? Some couch time watching unfulfilling TV?  Nope, not really. Good, I have a better way to relieve your stress.

I know. Let’s turn on the evaporate.

What’s the evaporate?

It’s my way of taking all your cares upon Me.

Of course, you have to let go of them first. That means not rehashing them over and over in your mind, or retelling the story to others for their empathy or input.

Or carrying them in your body. I see those tensed muscles in your raised-to-your-ears shoulders.

If you’ll bring it all to Me, I can lead you into your next steps, if any.

Like now…breathe and let your shoulders drop. Ahh, feeling better?

Sometimes I just want to sing gently to you, until your tears subside and you’re at peace in My rest. Knowing I love you!

Everything’s gonna be alright. Everything’s gonna be just fine. We got each other. Hug time!”


When have you had a God-connected Moment that broke through and conveyed God’s love for you in under a minute?

I’d be blessed to have you share yours with each other in the Comments on this page.

Maybe it seems that you don’t have enough time to connect with God the way your heart is desiring.

If you’d like to be experiencing more of God in the briefest of moments, I’d love to support you in discovering how less can be more! Click to Schedule a Chat with me today!

JOYFULLY jotting,


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