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Day off. Things to do. Fun to be had. Went to bed last night with joyful anticipation of what today could be like. But my body wasn’t having any of it.

Waking up to a foggy brain, sluggish muscles and achy joints wasn’t what I had been looking forward to for my today.

So I listened to my body and had a much more restful morning than was in the original plan. It felt good to just release my agenda and allow relaxation to overtake my muscles, to quiet my brain.

After lunch, I had nothing else to do. Well, nothing I felt the energy to do. So I turned on Hulu and started to watch the first episode of a TV show that premiered this summer. Mindlessness felt good in that moment.

Then, with the first commercial’s peppy tune, it seemed that God was singing right into my heart:

“Forget who you’re supposed to be. (According to whom anyway?!)

And forget what you thought you were supposed to do today, according to your plan, My child.

Instead, dare to wonder what new thing I am creating in you and for you to experience after this brief pause.

Just rest up today. Tomorrow and tomorrow will be more wonderfilled than you know!”


Who could have expected my God-connected Moment would come to me in a cookie commercial? God shows me His sense of humor sometimes, just when it seems I need a bit of lightening up.

To reveal to me that I don’t need to be so seriously “on purpose” at all times.

To let me know that it’s OK and necessary to allow for downtime, so that He can fill me up with His love and strength. That way, I’m better equipped for whatever He has in store for me next.

Talk about getting Divinely Energized! Now, I’m excited to wonder, expect and notice how God will show me what wonderfilling He was talking about.

Brain fog, sluggishness and aches…gone.

Pass the Oreos, please!


What’s been your most unexpected God-connected Moment so far? Have you ever felt His sense of humor revealing a deeper truth that He wanted to get across to your heart?

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