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I wish they made these things for an adult. It would really come in handy on those evenings when I’m resisting a restful night’s sleep for some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Sure, there are gliders and swings that fit my frame. But they’re on the patio and while I must confess that I’ve lounged there in my pajamas on occasion, it hasn’t had the same result as it does for grandson Lincoln.

So, what’s the missing ingredient to his delightful dreamland experience?

It’s the swaddling that his Mom, Sara, does before laying him down in his motorized side-swinging cradle for a snooze.

It keeps the flailing around to a minimum and seems to provide a secure yet comfortable environment that’s conducive to a peaceful rest time.

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Whoever invented this took what mothers have been doing naturally for centuries and improved upon it. As we know, Mary swaddled Jesus and the tradition of “swaddling and laying in a manger” continues…

As I was attempting recently to place Lincoln into the sack for his legs, his “fighting it” revealed one leg popping out and then the other.

Trying again. Legs popping out once more until I got the hang of it.

Even though I knew Lincoln would be more comfortable and able to sleep better if he would only stop resisting, he was just doing what babies do…kicking and moving about, until someone who knew what he needed could help get him from here to there.

That’s when God’s whispers seemed to invite me:

“I’ve been nudging you toward an earlier bedtime routine for a while, My child.

One that will allow time for your flailing about to subside, and for us to wind down from the day together.

Why are you still resisting this quieting of your mind, relaxing of your muscles, and calming of your spirit?

I know what is uniquely required for you to get from here to where you’d like to feel when you awake each morning…refreshed, flexible, and energized.

Stop ‘fighting it’. Relax and allow Me to swaddle you for tonight’s restful sleep, comfortable and secure in My love!

Father does know best!”

Yes, Lord, swaddle me now…


What have you gotten into the habit of doing or not doing that’s really not helping you get from here to where your heart truly desires?

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