Memories to Legacy


After hearing a health and wellness interview with her, I had clicked on the online offer and received my first newsletter. It was filled with delicious sounding recipes and beautiful photos.

Along with her welcome, she informed us newbies to her community that we would be hearing from her fortnightly.

Not being from her Australia, I didn’t know how often that was. So I googled it, and learned that I’d be receiving the next newsletter in two weeks.

I found myself repeating “fortnightly” a few times out loud (What can I say? It was just fun.)

That’s when God’s voice chimed in, reminding me of some fun brother time that our grandsons had recently:

“Fortnight. Fort Night.

Remember when Oliver and Lincoln slept all night within their blanket fort?

Quilts and comforters over chairs. Safe and sound beside their parents’ bed.

Snuggle into your place of warmth and comfort, My child, and know you’re safe and sound all day and all night long.

I’ve got you and yours covered. For infinitely longer than a fortnight.”


When God seems to speak to you through a memory He brings to mind, capture it in some way. Jot it down in a little notebook, take a quick photo on your phone that will remind you of it, or voice record it. That way you can decide later if that particular memory is one that your heart wants to preserve.

I’d love to support you in moving from Memories to Memoirs. Call to chat about getting started today!



Preserve Memories…Build Faith…Pass it On!

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