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I put the fork down after just one bite, realizing the breakfast plate held more than just some deliciousness to nourish my body with. There was beauty there.

While my photo couldn’t hold a candle to those of professional food photographers, it did enough. By slowing me down long enough to take the shot, it enabled me to more fully notice the colorful contributions of each aspect.

Next my attention was moved to the placemat nearby, where memories of breakfasts in Italy came back with waves of appreciation. Seeing the photo of the tile table where we ate on the deck overlooking the sea reminded me of how all the colors of the rainbow found their way into memorable moments of our vacation trip a few years ago.

As I resumed eating, I recognized the tune I was humming.

“Red and orange, green and blue.

Shining yellow, purple too.

All the colors that we know live up in the rainbow.”

Well, not all of them but the most beautiful ones perhaps.

The Rainbow Song was one of several tunes that have traveled with me from my preschool teacher days to sharing with our grandsons as each was learning colors. (Oliver and I revisited it when he made his own rainbow as a science experiment last year.)

Yesterday when we sang the verse together, Lincoln enthusiastically swept his arm high in the sky while holding out the last two notes of the song. Unprompted, he did it again when big brother Oliver came in the door from school. We joined in.

There we were in the middle of their kitchen, the three of us belting out in joyful song together. While it would certainly not be considered a traditional hymn, it felt really good to be praising God for His colorful creation and passing it on just the same!


Psalm 100: Make a joyful noise unto the Lord…for His love endures forever. His faithfulness continues through all generations.

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I’d love to support you in following the flow of memories wherever God leads. You can be assured that He will guide you into capturing family moments that matter and that you’ll be energized by recognizing His love in the midst of your jottings!



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