Memories to Legacy


Green had sprung out all over the Kentucky hillsides that I drove through on my way to well, everywhere. On the way home from a recent appointment, I made a spur of the moment decision to take a walk in the woods to soak up some of that Springtime green.

Bare branches had been replaced by the newness of tiny leaves on the bushes along the path. Lilies of the valley and other wildflowers were filling in underneath.

Stepping off the path to let oncoming walkers by, I noticed a flowering tree right in front of me. The redbud’s deep purplish pink blossoms hadn’t been visible until then. It was as if it was playing peek-a-boo through the trees.

Of course, on my drive out of the neighborhood park I started noticing more and more redbuds. They had been there all along, but I just hadn’t recognized them. Taking a different route home, look at what came right out to the street to greet me!

That’s when God’s love-whispers broke through and seemed to tap me on the shoulder:

“It is My joy to provide you with beauty and love and vibrant life.

It’s all around you. Keep your eyes open for My love (I’ll make it hard to miss) and soak it in!

It’s My gift to you. Enjoy!”


I’d love to support you as you capture times when you recognized God’s love breaking through into your day with gifts of beauty, love and vibrant life. Let’s get started jotting your unique-to-you God-connected Moments today!



Capturing the Moments That Matter…Energizing Your Faith…Passing It On!

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