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He has been talking about it for weeks. The excitement level has reached the happy dance level, as grandson Lincoln’s second birthday approaches. He definitely knows the drill: singing, blowing out candles, cake cutting, then chocolate “yummy in his tummy” and opening presents.

When the invitation came in the mail, I was drawn to the collage of photos his Mom had included in the card’s design. What Gramma could resist loving on such a cutie?

After chuckling at the one with Lincoln looking through glasses, the shot of him smile-squinting grabbed my attention. This reminded me of how life can look different depending on our perspective and led me to this month’s Jottings Tip:


You may experience the same event quite differently from how your parents, spouse or children did. What’s fun about jotting is that you can express your version of the story and sometimes add in another point of view to enlarge what’s being captured.

Some jotters may be concerned that this would muddy up the waters and make the writing too confusing. I tend to disagree and love a multi-generational approach to reminiscence. As you’ve noticed in many of my Blog Posts, I often use photos and quotes from multiple decades in one jottings story.

Here are 3 ideas to help you experiment with broadening your perspective:

  1. Keep a little notebook with you to capture what others said or how it seemed they felt. This works especially well with kids who do say the darndest things, you know. Take a break during a family gathering or jot down your thoughts when you get home so they’re fresh in your mind.
  2. When you’re wanting to add a little more to your version of a story, ask your family members or friends what their memories are from that time period, place, or event. That may jog your memory of more juicy tidbits to the story that you’d forgotten on your own.
  3. Include the perspective of earlier generations if only you could have asked them. Imagine what they would have felt or shared with you about that subject or situation. Hopefully it’s not too late to listen to someone in your family who would love to share their memories with you!

Let’s give it a try this month and let me know how that feels…



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