Memories to Legacy


I’m taking my cue from watching our grandchildren.

Running around and hopping and jumping and flitting from one activity to another is LOTS of fun. And then, belly-plopping on the rug or grass and snuggling in their cozy blankets for a moment’s breather is SO refreshing.

Sometimes things look different from ground level, and an idea for a new way to approach the work of play arises. Up they jump and into motion again, with a renewed excitement for what’s ahead. Somehow the sameness has been tweaked and seems brand new.

So, I’m taking a breather from blogging for the rest of the month. When I pop back into your email box in June, I’m sure I’ll be even more energized to jot in fun and fulfilling ways and support you in doing so, too. Feels like some new perspectives on approaching our jottings are on the horizon!

Until then, keep expecting God to lead you to the stories behind the moments that matter!

JOYfully jotting,


Capturing the Moments That Matter…Energizing Your Reminiscence…Passing It On!

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