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Blanket laid, basket full of delectables, soft music, and sketch books in hand. The mother-daughter pair was enjoying an afternoon art session under the maple’s shade. I caught sight of them as I started down the hill toward the trail’s end by the lake, and was thinking how sweet a time they must be having together.

What happened next was not what I expected.

Out from the underbrush jumped their dog, barking loudly at the intruder who would dare to interfere with their chosen spot for solitude. I froze as the mom quickly attached its leash, and began hugging her pet. Soft words of reassurance continued after I had passed. “You’re ok. Nothing to fear from people. She’s gone now. We’re with you and everything’s alright.”

Calmness returned to the scene and to my heart rate.

Pausing at the bottom of the hill to snap a photo looking back, I took a deep breath and noticed something peeking out of the grass at my feet.

To me, the heart-shaped rock seemed to be like God’s love-whispers breaking through into my walk in the woods with some reassurance for me, too:

“You’re ok. Things may come out of the blue. The unexpected may frighten you at first, but I am here with you and everything will be alright. Trust Me with guiding you into and through whatever adventures may be around the bend. Never know how or where I’ll connect with you next…

For now I have more beauty for you to enjoy on your way around the rest of the lake. Let’s go!”


I’d love to support you in capturing your own God-connected Moments and noticing how your faith is divinely energized as a result. Let’s get started today!

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