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When older brother Oliver’s ice cream cone was placed in his hand and deliciousness was already being enjoyed before his had arrived, our 2 year old grandson Lincoln let out a high pitched squeal that reverberated far and wide.

He was screamin’ for ice cream!

Then after a few licks of his flavor of choice (chocolate chip), he pronounced it


While we slurped our treats at the local United Dairy Farmers shop, memories flowed back to 1950-something and my first trip to have ice cream away from home. It was a special family excursion to the newly opened Zesto, where Dad parked the car and we walked up to the window under the giant ice cream cone to order.

As described in the Kingsport TN archives, it featured “soft serve, swirled onto a standard cake cone, piled high. Then you could have the frosty concoction dipped in melted chocolate that quickly hardened to encase the frozen treat. You could even have the chocolate covered cone rolled in twinkle kote (colored candy bits).”

That is, unless you were the 4, 11 and 13 year old children of the town’s family dentist. Then the candy was a no no, but Dad would still treat us to ice cream out a few times each summer. Between you and me, though, I wouldn’t put it past my older siblings to have stopped there after school for additional cones on their walk home. After all, they had access to some spending money from their allowances and part time jobs.

“Gramma, Gramma, we’re done!” Oliver’s voice brought me back to the present moment, but that lingering taste of yumminess had to have been from the past!


This recollection doesn’t have much to it, no point really. Who in my family would actually care to read about that moment in time? Maybe just me…which leads me to this month’s Jottings tip:


You may discover that you’ve been filtering what you decide to take from memory into jottings. If you find that you’ve only been keeping those stories that you judge would be interesting to others, then let’s let that go.

The memories of that moment may just lead you into a few seconds of respite from a busy day or a screamin’ for ice cream child, like it did for me.  They may cause you to chuckle or to even tear up a bit.

Jot it down if you feel energized by it. Share it if that energizes you, or keep it for your own reminiscing enjoyment. It’s all good.

Let’s give it a try this month and let me know how that feels…

JOYfully jotting,


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