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Hippos, Gator and Rhino oh no! Wildlife of the stone variety provided lots of opportunities for climbing and sliding. Usually I’m accompanied by a grandchild or two when I visit the Florence KY Nature Park, but this time I was walking solo.


Seeing the mom and baby hippo reminded me of last Fall. Even on tiptoes with a fully outstretched arm, Lincoln could barely reach the “ready to chomp me” snout. Now, 10 months later, he’s almost measuring 3 feet tall.


Last week Lincoln and his older brother Oliver showed me their favorite exhibits in the Newport Aquarium. When we stopped to see how they “measured up” compared to Sharky, long-forgotten song lyrics from years ago popped into my head.

It was as if God’s love-whispers floated through all the chattering Aquarium visitors to reach me with a message from Nichole Nordeman’s tune, Even Then:

So I do the best with what I’ve got
And hope that no one knows
That I strain to see how high I can
Try to stand on these toes
Until I’m measured, but You know better

We raise the standard
And try to reach You
But we’ll never make it
And we don’t need to.

“Just a little reminder, My child, that you don’t need to measure up.

Relax…I am always loving you as you are, in every moment.”


Want to join me in sighing a big sigh of relief in gratitude that we can leave the striving behind, and just breathe in unconditional love?



I’d love to support you in capturing your own God-connected Moments. Let’s get started preserving when His love breaks through into the midst of your ordinary day!

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