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Soaking in the hot tub under the starlit sky is one of my favorite ways of winding down. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness embracing me, I looked up and noticed the first twinkly star light.

Or so I thought.

Turns out it was the first of the neighbor’s 3rd of July fireworks heading heavenward. Ooh- aah!

Throughout our tree branches, more and more sparkling was going on. That’s too low for star glow, I thought. When the flashes of golden light seemed to envelop our entire yard, it became clear that lightening bugs were providing their own fireworks display.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I leapt out of the hot tub and sloshed into the house to grab a Mason jar. I was 6 years old again, scurrying around in the grass to scoop up some of the magic and wonder of the moment. Jumping, twirling, diving, rejoicing when some sparkling critters found their way into my glass house.

Remember those days? Summer sleepovers with friends always included scampering out to capture Nature’s nightlight. Shushing each other’s giggles so as to not get caught. Dozing off to their mesmerizing off and on’s right beside our pillows inside our sleeping bags.

I turned off the lights inside the hot tub, placed the twinkling firefly lantern on the nearby patio table, and settled back into the warming bubbles.



Check out the synchronistic firefly show that happens in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park each summer. Somehow we missed it when we lived near Gatlinburg, but I’m adding it to my Bucket List!

I’d love to support you in capturing your twinkly child-like wonder moments to savor or share, whether 4th of July related or otherwise. Let’s get started today!

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