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Rat-a-tat-tat! Rat-a-tat-tat! The sound traveled through the rustling leaves along my path today and my mind wandered until it could place where I had heard that same cadence before. It was early 2000-something.

I was contentedly glider back-and-forthing on our screened porch, my favorite place to journal in our Tennessee cabin in the woods. Looking out through the trees to the expansive Smoky Mountaintops as the seasons changed was inspiring and uplifting.

One day while daydreaming between journal entries, I had heard that sound. It took a while to track it down. I literally trekked through the backwoods, changing course as it got louder or softer. Like a woodland version of Marco Polo, the blindfolded hide and seek water game we enjoyed playing at our neighbor’s pool as kids.

Found you!

Looking up and up, my eyes joined my ears in locating the source of the tapping. A large red-crested woodpecker was determined to reach whatever delicacies awaited its pointed beak inside the dead wood at the top of the trees. So majestic and persistent. It (or a relative) returned often and I enjoyed following audible clues to its whereabouts. Sometimes I’d spy it, sometimes not but it was always a fun adventure.

What’s that?  The moon still visible in the mid-morning sky brought me back to the present moment. After I snapped a photo to remember the scene, the ground ahead of me held what looked like a dozen puzzle pieces.

I followed their trail…

Turns out they were slivers of bark that had fallen from a nearby Sycamore tree. Glancing up and up, I saw it and nodded with recognition.


Not another woodpecker, but evidence that one had been there. Multiple pecking holes revealed where it had found delight. Déjà vu all over again.

So, this month’s Jottings Tip:


Other things could have caught my attention today that might have led me into totally different memories. I could have followed the flow of memories and been led to other moments from our living-in-the-woods years…or to childhood…or to yesterday.

Today’s deja vu delight came, however, in the simple recollection of this one and the fun of following the trail to it.

Where can you allow the flow of memories to lead you into delight?

Just keep letting one memory flow into another until you FEEL something. You might find yourself chuckling, or nodding, sighing, laughing, or tearing up a bit.

That’s when you’ll know you’ve found it!

Whether the moment seems big or small in the grand scheme of things, it’s for you to enjoy remembering and perhaps to share.

Let’s give it a try this month and let me know how that feels…

JOYfully jotting,


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