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Storage on my phone periodically is so full I browse through to see which photos or videos I might release onto our computer. I’m not willing to let many out of my sight, since the grandkids ask to see this or that over and over. Those requests always turn into a sweet re-living of the moments.

Today I smiled seeing Oliver enthusiastically bouncing his way through his turn on the Big Bubble Experience as we left Newport Aquarium a few weeks ago.

While watching him in person, I was assuring his little brother that he also could “ride it” when he was older. So I was a bit distracted. This time, I noticed that the video (which won’t show here for some reason) had captured his range of emotions. It was as if there was another bubble containing his thoughts:

Wonder what this will be like?

Not so sure about this thing…

What am I supposed to be doing in here?

Think I’ll try this…

Wow! That was awesome!

How about this…and that…

Can I do it again?!!!

Something in his facial expressions reminded me of another bubblicious experience in Oliver’s past. He was about 18 months old, and was fascinated by bubbles as many babies are. The doggie bubble machine that Pawpaw and I had given him became his buddy. He spent many moments on the steps of their Oakley home watching it blow out bubble after bubble.

Until it didn’t anymore.

Pawpaw tried to fix it, and when that failed he replaced it. Until that one stopped working too and no replacement could be found. Oliver grew into another favorite toy and another. That brings us to the Big Bubble, which he has already been saving his own money to do again. Soon!


I’d love to support you in allowing your memories to flow from this time period to another and back. Let’s get started capturing the bubblicious moments that bring your heart joy as you remember and share them!

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