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He’s enjoying his new wheels. His previous car’s crunched front end from a minor accident resulted in the insurance company “totaling” it due to its age. My husband Chris found a sweet replacement with one minor flaw. The air didn’t flow out of the dashboard vents, but his research led him to fixing that himself with 4 tiny rubberband-like parts called O-rings.

This was a huge accomplishment since our usual mechanic and a second opinion would have taken us in a different direction with major expense involved. $4 versus several hundreds of dollars.

Oh-my, I’m happy we gave O-rings a try!

As I was typing this brief story of family life with Hubby-o-mine (and not knowing where I was going with it), I found myself chuckling and making what has become an odd tradition of sorts…

The O Face!

Grammatically it would most likely be spelled Oh, but because of its shape and the sound one is making while holding his or her lips in that shape, O it is.

Niece Emmy (now a high school Senior) was the first family member to be captured on film with it, or so we thought.

Hers was the standard setter, the most traditional shape that others through the years aspired to. Whenever someone in the family was making “that” face, others of us would notice and point out to the uninformed: “They’re making the O-face” and share how that family tradition came to be.

Several modifications of the original emerged, however, and have graced the front of our refrigerator in magnetic photo frames…until the next generation of O-faces burst onto the scene and took over the coveted spots Pawpaw and Gramma see multiple times each day.

Can you match a possible caption with each variation?

“Is that my favorite frozen treat being put in the cart for dessert?”

“I’m sooo adorable after my 1st haircut!”

“Naptime’s OVER. Get me out of here.”

“Pawpaw’s butterfly kisses tickle my neck.”

“My big brother’s voice is so relaxing.”

“Singing Fa-la-la-la-la and Ho-ho-ho.”


There’s more to the story behind each of these expressions. The telling of those stories (and now my jotting them down) is what has kept the tradition alive, and what led me to discover that the true originator of the O-face was my Mom.

In this decades old photo, she’s telling her sisters and brother-in-law what must have been a “whopper” of a tale! If only someone had been jotting down that generations’ moments that mattered…

I’d love to support you in capturing family memories that bring a smile (or an O) to your face. Let’s get started today!

JOYfully jotting,


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