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A recent downpour had provided the opportunity for some child-like dancing through puddles on my way from the grocery to the car. After a few days of drying out my tennis shoes, I placed my latest inserts back inside and wondered where my previous ones were.

They had been customized for my feet’s needs several years old and were probably no longer providing the correct arch support. But surely I hadn’t thrown them away when I got these. Where could they be? Yesterday I looked in dresser drawers, on closet shelves, and under the bathroom sink without success. Why did I even feel the need to search?

This morning I placed my feet into bedroom slippers that I hadn’t worn for a week or so. Barefooting and spreading my toes freely had been feeling good lately, so I wasn’t surprised when the slippers felt a bit snug. That’s when I realized that what was filling up the spaciousness were the missing inserts. I had recycled them into occasional use rather than letting them go, without really knowing if they were doing any good at all.

Just then, God’s love-whispers seemed to spell it out:

“In what other ways are you settling for less than what’s best? Toss those thoughts, habits, and anything else inserted into your life that’s not providing heart-spaciousness. Allow Me to fill your life with experiences that leave you uplifted, bubbly and inspired…and if you want to recycle them, go for it!”

Old inserts, you’re outta here!


It’s so energizing to notice and share when His love breaks through in the midst of your ordinary day. I’d love to support you in capturing your own God-connected Moments!

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