Memories to Legacy


Oliver: “I remember that! Come on, Lincoln. Let me show you what you can do over here.”

Lincoln: “It will be FUN!!”

I had piled our grandsons into the car to head out for a last-days-of-summer adventure to a park near their home. It was a little over two years ago that Oliver and I had first explored Boone County’s Central Park and Arboretum. That was right before Lincoln’s birth.

Yesterday we counted cows, sheep and horses on the short drive there. They didn’t know yet where we were heading, so I started giving clues. I told Oliver that he and I had been there before. There had been tangerines and buzzing involved, and photos shot by him after grabbing my phone. What happened there had been included in one of my earliest blog posts (BIRTHDAY BUZZ) along with the story of the rest of that day.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot and he saw the playground, his memories flooded in.

And out…to Lincoln.

He shared his 7 year old excitement with his little brother. As he remembered and shared with Lincoln what he had experienced there before and commented on what they were experiencing together now, it seemed to quadruple his enjoyment!

I was snapping photos left and right to preserve the moments and to capture my own feelings of “Wow, this is SO COOL!”

That’s when Oliver’s voice said the same thing. “Gramma, this is so cool. I’m gonna write about this and draw pictures of what Linc-y and I did here today! Take a picture of us on this rock. It seems so much smaller than last time. Oh, yeah. I’ve grown.”


This month’s JOTTINGS Tip was playing out, right before my eyes:


One day during this summer’s break from school, Oliver got an idea. It began with his drawings and my photos of something that had been fun or interesting that day. It grew into his plan to create an actual book, a collection of his summer experiences.

What started as a rough crayon drawing of what we saw on a neighborhood walk has evolved into his ipad renderings of the giraffes’ patterned necks from our recent visit to the Cincinnati Zoo…and the story that goes along with it. And much more!

Through his eyes. In his own words.

I’m excited beyond words to witness his enjoyment as he’s capturing and passing on his own moments that matter!


How about you? Are you jotting it forward or encouraging the children in your life to do so? I’d love to support you in getting started today. Fall registration for the next KIDSTORY PhotoJottings Small Group Program is going on now!

JOYfully jotting,


Your JOTTINGS for Generations Coach

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