Memories to Legacy


Tears and laughter…sadness and joy. It was the Anniversary Week, filled with the emotional highs and lows of life. We began by celebrating the remembrance of our granddaughter Charlotte on Thursday (she’d be 5!) and then our 28th wedding anniversary on Saturday.

Each year we continue to send heavenward a bunch of balloons with a note to Charlotte from Gramma and Pawpaw. Other family members and friends join in with their own versions of remembrance wherever they are on her day, so we feel like we’re together even if we may be geographically apart.

Thursday afternoon when I browsed for photos of previous locations from which we had launched, emotions started to well up again. I just felt them. It was then, through the tears, that I noticed something I hadn’t before.

Last year the wind had carried the balloons fast and high over St. Petersburg, Florida where we were visiting with relatives Diane and Paul.

That evening my husband Chris had taken some shots of a beautiful sunset over the Bayou where we sat reminiscing together after dinner.

This photo has been the screensaver on our laptop for a year now, but it wasn’t until that teary-eyed moment that one cloud popped out to me. (Right in the center, but maybe too small for you to discern.) It looked like a heart to me. Why hadn’t it before?

It was as if God’s love-whispers had broken through with reassurance and comfort in His awesome, perfect timing:

“I’m here. I’m loving you and upholding you as another wave of grief flows in and as another balloon lifts off. Through it all, I’m always with you…and with your sweet Charlotte.”


I’d love to support you in capturing your own God-connected Moments as you grieve and celebrate along life’s journey. Let’s get started today!

*By the way, our anniversary dinner this year was a low-key, fun experience: Italian Street Food at Piada in Florence, KY followed by a successful search for cannoli. Thanks Hubby for 28. Years, that is, not cannolis…tee hee!

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