Memories to Legacy


I found myself diving into the day, full steam ahead. Even though I thought I had allowed enough time for flowing unhurriedly into my mornings, lately the last few moments before “out the door” seemed especially rushed. As I walked to the car, I mentally checked off my list of what I needed to take with me. Good to go.

Mental chatter continued as I drove off, rehearsing a bit of the day ahead. When I had a long stop at a red light, I realized I was holding my breath and my shoulder muscles in an upward squeeze. As the light turned green, I let out a big exhale.

Off to my left, a bright green inflatable tube was flailing around outside the tile store. Having caught my attention, it seemed to exhale and drop forward before inhaling and extending to its full height.


I pulled over to snap these photos. Just then, the tune on the radio chimed in with lyrics from Jonny Diaz’s BREATHE:

In my heart I hear You say

Just breathe

Just breathe

Come and rest at My feet

And be just be

Chaos calls but all you really need is to

Just breathe

In that moment, it seemed that God’s love-whispers were breaking into my day to remind me to breathe FULLY. Not just to let out what I’d been holding onto or trying to control, but to inhale:

“Breathe in My love, peace, joy, health and vibrant well-being. Let Me fill your lungs, My child, with overflowing abundant life!”


I chuckled to learn that another name for the Wacky Waving Tube Man is sky or air dancer. When have your unique-to-you God-connected Moments enabled you to feel like you’re dancing on air? I’d love to support you in capturing the stories behind those memories and passing them on.

JOYfully jotting,


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