Memories to Legacy


Layers underneath provided the warmth needed on a chilly night of knocking on doors and being surprised by the treats presented. The cousins had started a tradition of trick-or-treating together and alternating neighborhoods. Oliver and Sophia squealed with delight when they received one of their mutual favorites: “Hurray, we got Nerds! We got Nerds!”

The fun of dressing up in costumes was only surpassed by the spreading out of loot, candy and otherwise, at the end of the night. After appreciating the vastness of their individual hauls, they negotiated for win-win candy exchange deals.

“I’ll trade you a Skittles for this sticker.”

“I’ll take anything chocolate you don’t want.”

“Coins anybody?”

What was one child’s easy discard might have been another’s non-negotiable treasure.

Now Natalie and Lincoln have joined in the fun. Who knew that Lincoln would fit into the same pumpkin costume his dad Ben wore when he was about his age?

Wonder what treats will be this year’s favorites and what treasures will be uncovered along with the stories that go with them?


I’d love to support you in following the meandering memories path to treasure. Let’s get started today capturing moments that are a treat to re-live and pass on to future generations!

JOYfully jotting,


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