Memories to Legacy


I caught a glimpse of movement as the rustling leaves seemed to be clapping their hands with joy. It wasn’t just the glimmer of golden maples as they floated on the breeze. Something else was gliding high above the treetops…a large bird of some kind.

It wasn’t until I got home from my walk in the woods and saw not one, but two more (hawks, I decided) that this month’s JOTTINGS TIP came to mind:


Like the birds floating on the air currents above our backyard, capturing your moments that matter can be effortless, as one memory flows into another.

Do you sometimes find yourself struggling along your jottings journey, getting frustrated and drained of energy? If so, then maybe the following can help.

Take a break and remember WHY you’re wanting to jot down your personal and/or family memories in the first place.

Getting really specific can reduce the overwhelm that may hit when we haven’t chunked down our focus small enough. Just start with one memory of a person, place or event and ask yourself “What do I FEEL every time I remember that experience (being there, with that particular person/group, doing those things)?

As you revisit that one memory, feel the feelings of any of the moments within the experience. Allow one moment to meander wherever it wants, without judging where it takes you. Move on to another moment during that same experience and the emotions that come up. Continue your reminiscing session until you begin to feel re-energized by a release of joy, tears or tingles. That’s when you’ll know you’re back on track.

No need to strive or work really hard at your jottings. Instead, follow your heart’s meandering leading and allow yourself to glide as you start capturing moments that matter with more ease.

Let’s give it a try this month and let me know how that feels…

JOYfully jotting,


Your JOTTINGS for Generations Coach

Capturing Moments That Matter…Energizing Your Reminiscence…Passing It On!