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They were both sound asleep almost before our car backed out of the driveway. We were finishing up a sleepover weekend with 4 of our 6 grandchildren and driving Oliver and Lincoln home. One minute I was talking to them and the next I heard quiet snoring from the younger and saw head bobbing from his older brother.

I must say I’ve become a bit jealous…of anyone who could fall asleep so easily.

It all started with my Dad. He was a dentist in private family practice and would “doze off for a few” in his recliner after coming home for lunch EVERY day of my childhood. Mom credited the relaxing nature of her delicious meals for the phenomenon and he wisely agreed with a “Yes, dear!”

Then there’s my husband Chris. He can launch into a snoring session pretty much any time, any place. Whether it was while the Italian Fast Train was in motion, or after a stroll on a beautiful Florida beach, or while he was supposed to be on baby duty (he says it was “faux sleeping”), Chris’ closed eyelids and open jaw have become his signature look. Maybe not pretty, but it gets the job done and he seems to wake more refreshed.

While I’m in a bit of a slump in the sleeping department this week due to a cough that just won’t stop, I aspire to return to peaceful slumber soon. I’m imagining myself dozing off with the ease of our youngest…


I’d love to support you as you capture ordinary moments of your life, so you can share your uniquely-you perspectives on them with those you love. Let’s get started today…after I take a wee little nap!

JOYfully jotting,


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