Memories to Legacy


With playful curiosity and child-like wonder, I’m taking a few weeks off from blogging to go exploring.

When my Dad and I would go hiking in the woods of East Tennessee where I grew up, it seemed like he was always inquiring out loud: “I wonder what’s around that bend?” Then he’d start galloping off as he giggled: “Let’s go find out!”

Curves in the road, especially on beautiful scenic drives into Fall foliage, remind me of his adventurous willingness to seek out what’s ahead that may not yet be seen.

So, I’m heading off in search of treasure (in Nature or otherwise) that’s been hidden until now.  I can’t wait to excavate the energizing gems of wisdom and connection that are sure to emerge as meandering memories lead me from here to there.

At this point I’m leaving my return date open as I allow this period of nature soaking, curiosity and decoding to lead me to personal, family or professional insights. Or whatever.

Who knows what may be uncovered along the way and around the bend…

JOYfully jotting,


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