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Sassafras leaves were showering down all around me. They had that familiar 3-pronged look to them that took me back to walks in the woods with my Dad. Ever the science teacher (even after discovering what he really wanted to be was a family dentist and loving it for nearly 40 years), he had imparted to me at an early age that this may be the only tree that had three different shaped leaves on the same tree: a football, a mitten, and a ghost.

The shapes of the leaves on the lake path today, however, reminded me of a turkey.

What?! You don’t see the resemblance at all, do you…

I caught myself giggling as recent memories with grandsons Oliver and Lincoln popped into my mind. Together we had decorated what would become the cheese ball bowl for the appetizer Pawpaw and I were bringing to their house for our Thanksgiving Dinner.

As 7 year old Oliver began fleshing out his design strategy, construction paper became feathers. Grabbing up three of them, he decided “Hey, this looks like a turkey’s foot. Let’s add those to the bottom of the bowl!”

After lots of cutting (actually Lincoln’s first attempt with great focus & success) and taping, the boys were happy with their creation. So happy in fact that the Tom Turkey Dance was invented to celebrate!

As family gathered the next day for our meal together, the cheese ball wasn’t the only thing being shared around the appetizer table. Most fulfilling to me was hearing Oliver’s telling and re-telling of his story: How the Thanksgiving Bowl Bird was Born. His cousins, aunt and uncles, all of us grandparents and great-Gigi are now included in the loop of those who will know how this sure-to-be-a-tradition began.

In addition, plans are in the works to add it to his KidStoryJottings collection of memories and photos we’re creating together, so it will be documented for future generations of our family to enjoy!


I’d love to support you in capturing the beginnings of unique-to-your-family traditions. (By the way, 2018 Heart of the Matter Retreats and Jumpstart Your Jottings Legacy mini-groups will be starting soon. Email me if you’d like to be notified as soon as sign-ups for these new opportunites open. Would be thrilled to have you join us!)

Let’s get started building your Legacy of Memories today!

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