Memories to Legacy


In less than a week, we’ll be counting down to the birth of a New Year. What a perfect time to recount some of this year’s Family Moments in Review!

While there’s always more to the story than a photo can capture (at least in my humble jot-it-down opinion), these pictures reflect an overview of what our 2017 was all about.

Whether we were making music, taking a dip in the pool, trying out a new pose or traveling to faraway lands, giving hugs or receiving snuggle sandwiches, being surrounded by those we call our closest friends, celebrating (freedom, traditions, or the end of an age), just being together was what mattered.

As we wave goodbye to this year and get ready to leap into the next, let’s keep snapping, jotting and sharing what’s making our families who we are.

Together we’re building our legacies of memories and creating stronger families for generations to come!


I’d love to support you in capturing the ordinary moments of the past year that have meant the most to your family. Can’t wait to meet you in 2018!

JOYfully jotting,


Your Legacy of Memories Mentor

Capturing Moments That Matter…Energizing Your Reminiscence…Passing It On!