Memories to Legacy


It’s almost here! This weekend we do the hiding and they do the finding. I’m not sure who is more excited for the next few days to zoom by, my husband Chris or our grandchildren.

Pawpaw loves filling the eggs for our family’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. Of course, each candy placed inside a colored egg with the first initial of each child is followed up by one or two plopped into his mouth and his go-to explanation: “I’m just testing them to make sure they’re alright.”

Two bunny masks hopped their way from last year’s supplies into the mound of colorful loot spread out on the dining room table before the filling began.

Got me thinking…in a nerdy kind of way. The tiny Nerd characters seemed to be peeking through the openings as if leading us here and there, to find the delicious treasures that will be uncovered when we gather.

What might some of those treasures be for you and your family?

Chocolate for sure, if you’re like us.

Fun times.


Remembrances of previous Easter celebrations and the people and places connected with those memories.

Sharing of quirky or tender moments that seem to come to mind out of the blue.

Ahh, that’s the kind of treasure hunt that leads to more energized and connected families!

So, be sure to snap a few photos that capture the weekend’s togetherness and let’s meet back here next week. (If you won’t be together in person, let photos you already have assist you in your treasure hunt. Much more to come about this.)

We’ll start jotting down a bit of the stories that go along with those moments to move them from Memories to Legacy. Of course, if you’d like to go ahead and begin, hop to it!     

JOYfully jotting,


Your Legacy of Memories Mentor

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