Memories to Legacy


As Memories to Legacy takes flight after a few months of renovation, I want to welcome those of you who have joined our community of joyfully jotting Moms and Grammas! I’m eager to provide you with reminiscence tips and tidbits of inspiration in these weekly Blog Posts and am excited to get to know you through your comments!

So many memories…so little time.

Is that how you feel about beginning to capture your family’s memories? No worries, it doesn’t take long to begin building your Legacy of Memories. Here’s one way to get started today…

You love the experience of being a family and want to remember every little bit of it, right?

What if you chose a couple of photos from all those you took in the past few weeks. (I’m presuming you do this too!) Pick the ones that capture some emotions within you that you’d like to remember.

Don’t spend time thinking about this. Just pick what lights you up or chokes you up with laughter or tears. Doesn’t need to make sense to your logical mind or to anyone else who might look at those particular photos.

Then jot down a bit of a “story”.  Just briefly capture what was going on and how it made you feel in the moment.

That’s it…You’ve just begun your Legacy of Memories!

Doesn’t matter where you wrote or typed your jottings. All that matters is that you started. You’ve taken the steps that lead to what memories are made of…you not only captured a few facts of the situation, but you also added those all important feelings that reveal your unique-to-you experiencing of that moment. 

That’s what makes your jottings into something that, when shared, can energize and connect your family now as well as be passed on for future generations to enjoy!

In upcoming posts we’ll explore lots of fun options for collecting and sharing what your heart wants your loved ones to hear from you. For now, way to go! And thanks for joining me here. Who knows what a difference we can make within our families when we move from just-in-our-own-head memories into legacy building!

Looking forward to hearing how this first step goes for you…

JOYfully jotting,


Your Legacy of Memories Mentor

Capturing Moments That Matter…Energizing & Connecting Families for Generations!