Memories to Legacy


Wondering how preserving your memories can lead to the energizing and connecting of families for generations?

Believe it or not, a clue to how this works came to me when I saw a tray of succulents recently. It reminded me of an ever-present sight during my growing-up years.

Our kitchen windowsill was always home to at least one terra cotta pot with a spiky green aloe vera plant on the ready to soothe. After Mom had pinched off the tip and slathered the ooze on a burn, all seemed right with the world again.

My brother, sister or I could relax with the knowing that healing was already underway. Not only in our skin, but also in the plant’s ability to regenerate. Before we knew it, a new tip had greened over the old space.

Through the years, Dad potted numerous baby aloe vera plants and received much personal enjoyment out of sharing them with neighbors and his dental patients who dubbed him the “green thumb dentist”.

I hadn’t jotted down any of this, because it didn’t seem like an important part of our family story. So the memories remained dormant until the succulent sighting primed the pump, preparing me for a conversation initiated by our grandson.

Oliver has a unique relationship with his cacti. Most almost-eight year old boys would not have been overjoyed with receiving them as birthday and Christmas gifts, but he has. He keeps me up-to-date by pointing out when new flowers have bloomed since I was at his house two days earlier.

We had not really talked about his giant aloe vera plant, however, until this week. He just started chatting after school one day and amazed me with all the knowledge he has amassed. I filled him in on my personal experience with our windowsill versions.

You could feel the excitement grow as we realized we had something in common that we hadn’t known about before.

We “had a moment”.

The magic in that moment was that it energized our relationship. It instantly connected us more deeply with each other, and provided a bridge for Oliver to know a bit more about the goings-on within previous generations of his family.

Now a one generation experience (him and his cacti) has become a two generation story (his and mine). If he decides to share the memories with his children and grandchildren someday, the sense of belonging within a larger multi-generational family story will continue to grow.

More capturing and sharing…more energized and connected families now and for generations! Who knew a sighting of cacti could catapult us into all of this?!

I’d love to support you in building your Legacy of Family Memories. Let’s get started today!

JOYfully jotting,


Your Legacy of Memories Mentor

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