Memories to Legacy


First chance they got on their Spring Break adventure in Hawaii, they headed for the beach and started creating sand castles. At some point they checked out the “pineapple patch” as our grandson Lincoln called Oahu’s Dole Plantation. Tasting a soft serve Dole whip and riding the Pineapple Express Train were big hits. No surprise there.

The big surprise came later in the week when his big brother Oliver stood up and STAYED UP on a surfboard.

The first time…every time. It seems that he’s a natural!

His parents told Pawpaw and me that he had no fear. He stayed balanced like he had been surfing much more than a day. His focus and concentration definitely shows in the photos they shared with us!

Lincoln wasn’t sure about the whole stand-on-a-board-in-the-ocean while someone I don’t know gets to sit down experience. He was much happier on his boogie board on the sand.

There’s lots more that they experienced together and will reminisce about for years. While my daughter captured so many moments through photos, I think jotting down some of the stories our grandsons will tell us (in their own words) will be a fun addition to our family’s Story of Us. Preserving their almost three and almost eight year old perspectives in a binder of KidStory Jottings could give another layer to our collection of memories.

I’d love to support you in capturing moments when you (or a family member) had no fear while trying something or someplace new, or were perfectly happy staying in your comfort zone. Whatever’s making you and your family who you are. Let’s get started building your family’s Legacy of Memories today!

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