Memories to Legacy


Eyes closed, gliding gently on the edge of our patio with my toes being tickled by the grass. I was in for a sensory treat. It was the first really warm day so far this Spring, so the breeze’s touch felt delightful. After hearing birdsong in the distance and smelling a fragrant blend of flowering blooms, I opened my eyes and noticed what hadn’t been on the lawn when I came out to glide.

A dozen spiky balls from the gum tree overhanging the patio had plopped onto the grass. Their stems lifted them a bit above the grass and reminded me of little golf balls, teed up and ready to drive toward the hole.

Ideas for moments to jot about came pouring in. Maybe the times I enjoyed playing miniature golf when I was a child. It was one of our family’s favorite pastimes.

How about my daughter’s 9th birthday party at Putt Putt? (Wondering why our photo box has one remaining photo of me putt-ing but none of the birthday girl?! And chuckling at my younger self choosing a golf ball coordinated with the color of my shirt!)

Then there’s the moment I became a golfing champion (that was briefly captured toward the end of an earlier Blog Post: GONE FISHING ‎).

That’s when this month’s JOTTINGS TIP came to mind.


When memories start coming to you but you’re not sure where they may take you, capture something that will remind you of them later. Take a quick photo or say a few words into the voice recorder on your phone. Make a note in a small notebook you keep in your purse or pocket.

We think we’ll always remember and come back to these memories, but sometimes they hit us so briefly before another moment pops into our minds and pushes that one out.

If we set our intention to capture them, it’s like we’re teeing it up. We’re preparing, setting the stage, getting things ready for later consideration. Later…when you have more time or when you’re in a relaxed environment or when you sense a nudge. Then you can come back to these moments and choose which, if any, would energize you to jot about and share with loved ones as you build your Legacy of Memories.

Let’s give it a try this month and let me know how that feels…

JOYfully jotting,


Your Legacy of Memories Mentor

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