Memories to Legacy


I was welcoming in the day with some morning stretching. Something in the way the light flowed through my arms as I lifted them overhead caught my attention. I froze in place and called hubby Chris to take a look. He agreed that he saw a heart in the shadows, too, below the framed photo on the wall.

Years earlier, Chris had taken photos of that Christ in the Garden statue he discovered in the back of a local cemetery. Using different filters, he captured a shot that he has loved sharing with others over the years. From wallet size cards to magnetic refrigerator frames to large wall hangings, it has been his delight and joy to pass on to others.

As many of you know, I love recognizing when God’s love-whispers seem to break through into the midst of an ordinary day. So when something like this heart-sighting happens, I delight in jotting it down so I can add it to my collection of God-connected Moments.

What experiences, events, interactions do you delight in capturing?

If it brings you joy to snap, jot, reminisce over (in solitude or with others), great! Have fun doing as much of that as you desire.

If it seems “too much like work” to either decide what to capture or to do the actual steps or you just don’t feel something on the happy side of the emotional spectrum when you look/read over it, stop. Let those memories float away like these feathery clouds on yesterday’s light breeze.

Which leads us to this month’s JOTTINGS TIP:


There’s no need to spend any more time or effort trying to preserve moments that don’t really matter to you. I’d love to support you in capturing what lights you up! Let’s chat soon about building your Legacy of Memories, full of snippets of what’s making you and your family what it is today and what you’d love to pass on to future generations!

JOYfully jotting,


Your Legacy of Memories Mentor

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