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About Katie

I’m delighted by life! I relish time spent with my husband of 29 years, our daughter and two sons and their families, including 7 grandchildren. Since we all live within 30 minutes of each other, I’m blessed to have frequent Gramma-time and it’s keeping me young! In reality, I’m following in my Dad’s footsteps, planning to always stay “young at heart”.

It’s this sense of child-like wonder and unshakable trust that connects me with God in refreshing, unexpected and fulfilling ways. He made me to uniquely flow through life and to hear His voice, especially on my “walk & talks” with Him in the woods.


I love to support sentimental moms and grammas in re-connecting to their moments that matter. Mentoring them as they uncover how God created them to experience, capture and share their joyful jottings while building their legacy of family memories brings me such joy!

When we work together, I’ll draw from my past experiences as a certified teacher of curriculum based on the Turning Memories into Memoirs program and PhotoScribe method of the Memoir Lifestory Network (whew, that’s a mouthful of words!). I’ve also enjoyed being a Freelance Facilitator of nationwide focus group discussions and Corporate Trainer, a kindergarten teacher, a Women’s Spiritual Retreat Leader, and creator/facilitator of JOTTINGS for Generations workshops and mini-retreats.

I like combining methods and techniques into unexpected experiences for my clients, and am overjoyed when they realize something in their approach to reminiscence just transformed…and it didn’t feel like they were trying to make it happen, it just did & it was fun!


YOU ARE INVITED to a complimentary Connection Chat with Katie. I would love to hear what’s going on with you and your jottings journey. Let’s explore what’s getting in your way right now and some steps to get you moving forward into more joyful jotting.

*****As your Legacy of Memories Mentor, I’m excited to support you in capturing moments that matter, energizing your reminiscence, and passing it on. Just imagine with a sense of curiosity and child-like wonder what a difference we can make within our families (and world) when we move from just-in-our-own-head memories into legacy building!*****

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JOYfully jotting,
Katie Chambers

Your Legacy of Memories Mentor

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