Memories to Legacy



-A Memories to Legacy Reminiscing Retreat-

Join other sentimental moms and grammas who love to preserve moments of their personal and family’s life with ease and get energized by reminiscing together as they build their Legacy of Memories!

Let’s break away from our routine for 3 hours of fun, relaxed discovery of why certain moments seem to matter most. You’ll explore why you want to capture those as well as unique-to-you ways to do so.

Jumpstart your jottings as you experiment with verbalizing what your heart wants loved ones to hear from you.

We’ll approach reminiscence with a playful sense of child-like wonder and curiosity, not with an agenda. You never know where it will lead you and what jottings will result.

Think magazine clippings and glue sticking…vision board meets reminiscing. Just bring a few photos and your memories. I’ll provide the rest.¬†Laughter and sharing from the heart guaranteed!

Call or text me at 859-652-9064 or email to register for the next Saturday’s Reminiscing Retreat.

JOYfully jotting,
Katie Chambers

Your Legacy of Memories Mentor

Capturing Moments That Matter…Energizing & Connecting Families for Generations!