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***Want to capture moments that matter, energize your reminiscence, and pass it on

without trying so hard?

I’m delighted that you’ve found your way to our Memories to Legacy JOTTINGS Community site! I am SO excited to joyfully jot alongside you here and look forward to getting to know you as your Legacy of Memories Mentor!

I work with sentimental moms and grammas who love to preserve moments of their personal and family’s life WITH EASE and who get energized by reminiscing together as they build their Legacy of Family Memories.

Is that YOU?

If so, I’d love to be your Treasure Guide as you uncover why certain moments seem to matter most and to verbalize in brief jottings what your heart wants loved ones to hear…those present day quirky or tender moments that are making your family who it is, childhood memories, some sides of you that your children or grandchildren (or even your spouse) may have not known about before and your cherished God-connected moments.

As a result of capturing and sharing photos and stories from the heart, you may feel closer and more connected to family. In addition, you’ll feel fulfilled and energized by leaving a legacy of jottings for future generations to enjoy.

Sound like something you’d like to learn more about?

Then consider the Memories to Legacy Small Group opportunities below (or the HEART OF THE MATTER Reminiscing Retreat described on the EVENTS page).

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What are the moments you remember most?

You may have an idea of why they matter to you. Or maybe not, but they just seem to touch you every time they come back into your mind.

Have you captured them in some way, so that you can re-live the feelings that they bring up within you?

Maybe you haven’t shared the story of those particular moments with anyone, and would find delight in reminiscing together.

You’re becoming aware of feeling that nudge to begin jotting down some of the stories behind all those photos you’ve collected over the years in albums, scrapbooks, or on your cell phone. Perhaps most of your recollections are still living in shoeboxes, waiting to be set free before it’s too late and the juicy details of those memories are lost.

It’s time to start telling your story, by jotting one moment at a time!

In this 4-Session Small Group Program, you’ll learn how to jot your way to a legacy as you create a Memory List, follow the Photo Flow Method, and begin Memory Mapping.

Quickly jotting down those moments you actually want to preserve will generate momentum. Each memory will reveal one or more stories that emphasize events and relationships that have given your life meaning and a chuckle or two. These are the ones you’ll start to joyfully jot.

As you’ll soon discover, it’s energizing to capture, to reminisce, to share, to pass it on!




In this 4-Session Small Group Program, we’ll begin tuning into unique-to-you ways of hearing from God, capturing those God-connected Moments and sharing them with each other.

We’ll have fun seeing how naturally these moments flow into our day, if we’re just open & expecting God’s love-whispers to break through. For example, check out a recent Blog Post called God’s Valentine:


Re-connecting to your unique antenna for receiving heart-touching God messages through nature, music, photos, His Word, and/or interactions with others will take the striving and efforting out.

Leaving you DIVINELY ENERGIZED, feeling even closer to God without trying so hard or being someone you’re not. Walk in renewed energized faith as you notice, capture, and pass on to future generations the stories of how God has intervened in your life.


KIDSTORY  PhotoJottings

Want to capture the drawings, photos and stories of a child’s life in their own words?

This 4-Session Small Group Program will get you started in creating a storybook for giftgiving, for fun interaction with your children and grandchildren, and for preserving the stories behind your family’s photos.

You’ll go beyond photo albums and scrapbook journaling to your child’s personalized “take” on the moments of life, seen through their eyes and written with their voice.

Using the PhotoJottings Story Template, KidSpeak tips, and Themes of Life suggestions, we’ll explore how to pull together and jot the stories the children in your life want to tell.

As a result, you may find your own reminiscing is energized as you encourage them to capture their moments that matter and jot it forward to younger siblings or share with friends!


-2019 Memories to Legacy Workshops-


(and some new programs are on the way!)

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JOYfully jotting,
Katie Chambers

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