Memories to Legacy

WELCOME to Memories to Legacy!

*** Does it seem like you never have enough time or energy to capture the moments that matter the way your heart truly desires?

*** Have you gotten stuck somewhere in the process, but now you’re worried that time’s running out and special memories will be lost?

*** Are the ways you have been trying to preserve personal and family memories through the years draining you, or actually bringing you joy?

Where you may have been striving and working diligently at your journaling, scrapbooking and photo snapping, here you’ll find ways you can approach reminiscence with a more playful sense of child-like wonder and curiosity.Trusting that God will gently lead you to the stories behind the memories that your heart truly desires to start jotting down and sharing with your loved ones.

What could be more fun, fulfilling, and empowering? As a result, you just might feel more equipped to capture and share your childhood memories, those present day quirky or tender moments that are making your family who it is, some sides of you that your children or grandchildren (or even your spouse) may have not known about before and your cherished God-connected moments.

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself joyfully jotting with easeā€¦in ways that come naturally and leave you feeling energized and fulfilled as you build your Legacy of Memories!

YOU ARE INVITED to a complimentary Connection Chat with Katie. I would love to hear what’s going on with you and your jottings journey. Let’s explore what’s getting in your way right now and some steps to get you moving forward into more joyful jotting.

*****As your Legacy of Memories Mentor, I’m excited to support you in capturing moments that matter, energizing your reminiscence, and passing it on. Just imagine with a sense of curiosity and child-like wonder what a difference we can make within our families (and world) when we move from just-in-our-own-head memories into legacy building! *****

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JOYfully jotting,
Katie Chambers

Your Legacy of Memories Mentor

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